Our all-weather solar chargers are state of the art, produce clean energy and offer a valuable community service.

Stay connected. Anywhere.

The Most Efficient Charging Solutions
—Under The Sun.

Our solar charging systems are designs and manufactured with built in USB and 12-volt ports to keep mobile devices and tablets charged outdoors, where electricity isn’t always available.

SCS Charging Pole Med

Harvest the Power of the Sun

Intelligent Device Recognition included with all our chargers.

Four stage controller technology that ensures maximum energy absorption and load distribution in every unit.
We’ve developed a line of innovative solar charging stations to meet the challenge of real world applications.

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There’s no need for costly installation of electrical conduit. In fact, our Solar Chargers can be installed the same day they’re delivered. Volume discount available, get an online quote today!

Uptown Bench

SCS Uptown Bench

A contemporary bench with classic city style keeps users connected with a sleek, low profile solar panel. Perfect for parks, school campuses, trail, bus stop and public spaces.

Charging Poles

Starship Factory

Charge up to 8 devices at once. The SunFlower charging station is ideal sports fields, trails and outdoor work spaces. This station will provide a valuable community service.

Old Town Bench

Inspired by Main Street, our Metro Bench is upgraded with 21st century solar technology. Now “recharging your battery” takes on a whole new meaning.

Solar Canopy Bench

Solar Charging Canopy Bench

Great alone or grouped in doubles or quads to create a smart solar charging lounge with our optional 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. Let’s get social.

Emergency Charging Unit

Starship Factory ER
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